Dementia & EMI Care

The term EMI refers to older people who have mental health difficulties or frailties that includes Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. It is for people at the more advanced stages of dementia and who require specialist, 24-hour supervision and care in a secure and safe environment.

It’s important to recognise that each person is unique, and will experience dementia differently from the next. Symptoms and manifestations of dementia include memory loss, and difficulties in thinking, problem solving and language. Recognising how dementia affects each and everyone of the people under our care is one of the main ways in which we formulate individual care plans.

Because dementia is a progressive disease, we also work closely with GPs, nurses and mental health organisations. This enables us to continually assess and monitor the changes in behaviours, moods and habits that our people can experience alongside their dementia; and adapt their care plan accordingly.

We provide an intensive in-house training program which has been designed to provide our health care assistants with all the skills and knowledge required to deliver the highest level of dementia care in Liverpool.

A person living with dementia may need more care and support as their condition progresses. Care can be provided on a permanent or respite basis.